• 主演:杰拉尔丁·麦克伊万,玛汀·麦古基安,弗兰西丝卡·安妮丝,波利·沃克,史蒂芬·曼甘,,艾米丽·比查姆
  • 导演:丹·泽夫
Marple finds herself on a bit of a holiday and staying at the very posh Bertrams Hotel, where she stayed as a child and for which she has very fond memories. Things take a sinister turn when a hotel maid, Tilly Rice, is found strangled on the roof. Miss Marple cant help but investigate but is assisted by Jane Cooper, also a hotel maid, who is in fact a younger version of Miss Marple. When an attempt is made on the life of a hotel guest, Elvira Blake the two Janes work together to find the motive and the identity of the killer.